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V5 H2 Pack of 2 Clearomizers


V5 H2 Pack of 2 Clearomizers
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V5 H2 Pack of 2 Clearomizers

Pack of Two Clearomizers.

A high performance and sophisticated filter for an improved vaping experience. The V5 H2 SBC (Single Bottom Coil) utilises a bottom coil which means the coil is always covered with e-liquid and improves wicking. The V5 H2 SBC is very easy to fill having a larger bottom opening.

Two V5 H2 SBC Clearomizers are supplied in this pack in a choice of colours: clear, black, blue, red and purple.

How to use:

Remove the base cap from the clearomizer and turn upside down
Fill with e-liquid to just below coil end
Replace the base cap
Allow the coil to absorb liquid for approx. 5 minutes before using

If you use your clearomizer before liquid is absorbed it will burn the liquid and develop a bitter aftertaste.

Compatible with Photon and Skystorm products. Also compatible with standardised EGO/510 threaded systems.